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This project demonstrates the implementation of Orders Microservice. This microservice uses MariaDB database as its datasource. It has the complete list of all the orders placed by different customers in our store front.

Though it is a part of a bigger application, Orders service is itself an application in turn that manages the data from data store.


Orders Microservice


/micro/ordersGet all orders
/micro/orders/{id}Get order by ID.
/micro/ordersPost an order


Project Features

  • Leverages Spring Boot framework to build a Microservices application.
  • Uses MariaDB as the orders database.
  • OAuth 2.0 protected APIs using Spring Security framework.
  • When retrieving orders using the OAuth 2.0 protected APIs, return only orders belonging to the user identity encoded in the user_name claim in the JWT payload. For more details on how identity is propagated, refer Auth Microservice.