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Storefront Mobile UI


The Storefront Mobile Application is built to demonstrate how to quickly and easily enable mobile channel for an application like Storefront using the power of IBM Mobile Foundation as the mobile BFF. IBM Mobile Foundation adds the following capabilities out of the box to the Storefront Mobile App:-

  • Mobile Device & App Security
  • Mobile App Lifecycle management (enable / disable apps)
  • Secure and seamless connectivity to the Storefront backend services
  • Mobile Push Notifications to get updates on Storefront Orders status
  • Mobile Analytics (user and session onboarding patterns, crash analytics…)

Project Features

There are two high level components to this project

  1. Mobile Client Application that runs on Mobile Devices
  2. IBM Mobile Foundation Services that operates as the mobile BFF and which is deployed as a server component (local docker, remote OpenShift cluster)

Here are some finer details about this project

  • Hybrid (ios & android) Ionic for client application
  • Mobile Foundation Login Adapter & Challenge handler code pattern to wrap Storefront user auth within Mobile Foundation auth
  • Mobile Foundation API Connectors for securely connecting the Storefront Mobile App to the Storefront backend APIs
  • Mobile Foundation Push Notifications registered for Storefront customer IDs
  • Orders microservice integrated with Mobile Foundation Push Notifications to enable sending of push notifications about order shipments
Storefront Mobile & Server component interactions